How to Qualify for Assistance

To qualify for assistance, we MUST require you to prove your need for our services by showing the following income qualifications every time you arrive to receive food at our monthly distributions:

  Photo I.D., proof of spay/neuter for each pet and one of the following income qualifications:

  • Food Stamps
  • Proof of Medicaid (Section 8/Public Housing)
  • Net Household MONTHLY Income (Note:these figures are based on the USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program):
                For 1 human living in residence- less than $931
                For 2 humans living in residence- less than $1,261
                For 3 humans living in residence- less than $1,591
                For 4 humans living in residence- less than $1,921
                For 5 humans living in residence- less than $2,251
                For 6 humans living in residence- less than $2,581
                For 7 humans living in residence- less than $2,911
                For 8 humans living in residence- less than $3,241

  • Proof of Unemployment
  • Proof of Disability               


  1. I have one or two questions if you all see this and don't mind/have time to answer on here. I believe, they are probably frequently asked.

    1.)Does one have to be a resident of Brevard County to receive assistance from your organization?
    2.)What if I have no proof of spay-n-neuter because:
    A.)I've had my dog for many, many years and don't have any paperwork on her. My mother actually paid for her from ocas and I've never had any Papers of any kind for her.
    B.)Shortly after the other dog we own was given to us we fell into financial crisis and have not had the ability to get him fixed?

    Thanks for any information you can spare.

  2. i have two dogs one of which is not fixed and we want to get him fixed but no money to do so and we rescued his daughter but we recently moved out on our own and need help bc my fiance is the only one working while i go to college full time is this ok?? I love what you guys are doing. and we also have a cat who never ever goes outdoors. and is not fixed is that ok?

  3. Shannon Baxley.... I would recommend contacting Florida Aid to animal for us they not only gave us a discount but let us make installments

  4. The work you are doing is wonderful, but does my dog have to starve because I couldn't afford to get him neutered? Would he be better off being euthanized by a shelter, rather than me rescuing him? Don't think so. I understand the need to neuter. But some of us can't afford it even with reduced cost and psyment plans. I only need temporary assistance with dog food.

    1. I did Not realize could reply directly to you. No your dog does Not have to starve, but I appreciate you would Like to get him or her spayed or neutered. So, We are offering to do that. I have a Vet I trust Explicitly, his name is Dr. Roger Shelton of Maybeck Animal Hospital in Melbourne. If you are interested please email me at Thank You.

  5. I wrote a long reply to anonymous of January 7th 2015 and also to Shannon from 1 year ago. We offer to have their animals spayed or neutered. I told the Story of how we are a family of four dogs and a parrot, all rescues. Also about how we would Love to help not only the Kibble Kitchen, but also in getting these animals spayed and neutered because even the so-called low cost are Not cheap, nor low cost. If this site is being monitored, I sure hope the Post I tried to Post just prior to this one is at Least being checked and then posted? Thank You Debbie Ciolli

  6. I just rescued a pitbull and he's in desperate need to be neutered/vaccinations. I've called all veterinarians between Melbourne/Palm Bay area nobody is willing to help me. I live on a very limited monthly income and more or less I'm currently having housing issues bcuz of my dog BUT I love him to death and God will prevail in the end. So if anybody has suggestions plz e-mail me at thank you AND God Bless