About The Founders

What two cousins can accomplish in a week.....Susan Fritz, an internal controls specialist for a local business and Terry May, an international publicist based in Brevard County, are the founders of Space Coast Kibble Kitchen. We came up with the idea over a glass of wine one Saturday afternoon, after recognizing that there were no pet food banks to serve the greater Brevard County area. We immediately began scribbling ideas down on our napkins with great enthusiasm.

As cousins and long-time animal activists, we share the same love for our pets and decided we needed to come up with a way to help local families. Due to the unprecedented financial conditions hitting Brevard County, many local families are being placed in the heart-breaking position of no longer being able to feed their families and their pets.

Within less than a week, we came up with a solid business plan to create Space Coast Kibble Kitchen. We enlisted several benevolent local volunteers, family and friends to donate food, financial aid, time and a place to store the food; plus a handful of local businesses to sponsor our efforts.

Less than a week later, we were well on our way to saving our local pets, based solely on volunteers and donations from locals who share the same love for animals. Don't miss out on this ground-swell movement and sign up today to receive updates via our blog on Space Coast Kibble Kitchen's activities, upcoming fundraising events and food drives. Please join us today to "fill the bowl & fill the heart" by contributing to this good cause and saving our local pets in Brevard County.

Let's fill the bowls together,